Music was my first love....

Meet Nathan aka Natty


Budding with new ideas, Nathan has been involved with Nitelife Entertainments since the young age of 2!!


Having played a key role in moving the equipment into the 21st Century, Nathan shows a keen eye on musical taste and even played a set at the Phoenix Festival in 2015. Still moving with the times, Nathan takes the art of entertaining to a bigger level. Having learned from his Dad all those years ago. Nathan shows a keen interest in making Nitelife Entertainments bigger and better with the help of Nick and Chris.


Nathan has gone on to build not only a good reputation but his own brand under the banner of Natty. Still involved with Nitelife, Natty is now focusing on club DJ work and blending in his fitness by documenting this on his You Tube Channel

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Meet Nick aka DJ NJ


Nick has been involved within the DJ industry since the dear age of 14. With a collection of music that spans decades, he has the knowledge to entertain all sorts of crowds.


With a love of the music from the 80's and 90's, Nick can call upon his musical knowledge to choose the right songs to help the night go smoothly and is looking forward to taking Nitelife forward with Nathan and Chris.

With the help of other DJs, Nick has now been building his own DJ reputation within nightclubs. His profile, DJ NJ, is now renowed for gracing the decks in many clubs across Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and even in Herefordshire!

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Meet Chris....


As founder of Nitelife, Chris began in 1980 at the dear age of 13. His love of music spans many decades with his speciality being to entertain the masses.


He particularly loves the classic tunes from the 70’s and 80’s. With a musical knowledge that spans over the decades, he has been able to take Nitelife above and beyond into the new century.


With Chris’s experience on board, Nitelife is able to keep moving on as it has been doing for the past 3 decades.


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